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Back to the Roots – Part 2

The Renaissance of Natural Building Materials & Sustainable Practices. Part 2 of 3 – Rammed Earth, Lime & Local Timbers Jordana’s New Home, a Master-Piece of Sustainable Build & Design This environmentally conscious home is beautifully situated in the picturesque Lowveld region, blending harmoniously with its natural surroundings. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies and designs that […]

Back to the Roots – Part 1

The Renaissance of Natural Building Materials and Sustainable Practices. Part 1 of 3 – Wood Forming part of the beloved Bree Street Heritage Square, the Cape Heritage Hotel is a historic feature of the Cape Town CBD and its hospitality industry. The building dates back to the 18th century and has lived many lives, even […]

Breathe Easy – Green is not just a Colour!

If you look at the meaning of the colour green in detail, it quickly becomes clear that green is perceived as an emotionally positive colour. It stands for freshness, vitality and is considered a symbol of nature and fertility. Green evokes associations such as renewal, growth and freedom. We often associate green with happiness, hope […]

Splash Some Pink – It’s Spring!

Why not paint a greener future with ProNature’s new Wild Colour Palette, which offers you fresh pastel shades for your aspirations while going into our beautiful flower season? Finally, after some quiet years all the design shows, expos and events are back in full swing, and we are introducing our new range of soft pastel blues, greens, […]

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