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About ProNature Products

Wood Finishes

We manufacture and supply premium, single coat plant-based, VOC free wood oils and wood sealants for carpenters & shop-fitters.


Everything what is needed for preparation, protection and maintenance for any wood project.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Powerful Cleaning – naturally! Whether it's homes, workspaces, hotels, or lodges in the hospitality industry, our natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions will let you and your guests breathe easy.

Wood & Wall Paints

The real eco-friendly way to refresh your walls or paint your wood. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace natural paint.


Let your little artists unleash their creativity with our all-natural, chemical-free kids paints!

Why ProNature Wood Sealers?

Why Choose Us

Suitable for a wide range of timber materials, this product is ideal for use on various types such as solid wood, veneer, cross-laminated timber, plywood, and even bamboo.

60 Colours to choose from

The range consists of more than sixty colours for interior & exterior finishes

create your own colours

Our passionate team is always keen to create your own customized colour or match an existing one for extensions or different types of timber

Locally manufactured

Locally manufactured, which ensures product & colour availability and affordable pricing

Mintenance products & care sets

Maintenance Products & Care Sets and easily available & affordable for your customers

Accompanying products for the "tricky" timber projects: Timber Bleach, Pre-Stains, Unifiers, Ebonizers, Wood Revivers and many more.

Why ProNature Water-based Wood & Wall Paints?

ProNature Products

Our natural wood and wall coatings are suitable for all cementitious surfaces as well as timber, lime, clay and gypsum.

Environmentally Friendly

Non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable raw materials


Breathable to support the thermal properties of the building.

Cobalt Free

What about Cobalt? Click here to find out

VOC Free

What are VOC's Click here to read more

Pleasant odour

Why not odourless? - read here.

Safe for the whole family

Safe for the sensitive, asthma sufferers, pregnant women, children & pets

Coloured by nature

Ranging from transparent clear to intensive tones, all coloured by nature as we only use mineral pigments

Simple Application of ProNature's Wood Sealer:

For All Interior Projects

stain & seal in one application

Cloth, brush, roller, towel, spray

No sanding in between coats

No cross-linking agents required, unlimited pot life

One coat sufficient for non-traffic surfaces

4-6 hours in between coats, depending on temperature

Packaging after 12 hours depending on ambient conditions

paper or textile pretoection to avoid direct contact to plastic wrapping

Simple Application of ProNature's Wall Paints:

For All Exterior Projects

Suitable for unpainted and previously painted surface

Can be applied by brush, roller, foam pad or suitable spraying equipment

2 - 4 hours of drying time between coats

Two coats sufficient

Fully dries within 24 hours, depending on temperature

Clean tools with water

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Quality Food

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Michelle Marry Customer

Quality Food

Sit amet consectetur adipiscing eiusmod tempor incididunt labore dolore magna aliqae euisum suspendisse ultrices gravid aisuscom vivera accumsan facilisis.
Sarah Albert Customer
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