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Healthy Family

Healthy Family

ProNature Products

Renovating? Fixing things? Or simply every-day cleaning?

Do it safely for you, safely for your family & pets and look after your planet. Paints for your interior Walls & Ceilings and furniture. Wood Sealers for exterior & interior use. Clean and Care products for your home. All non-toxic, natural, plant-based and biodegradable products. And not to miss, Junior Paints for the little ones!

Interior & Exterior Wood Stains and Sealers

Stain & Seal in one – Decks & Pergolas, Jungle Gyms, Wendy Houses and any wooden structures, Floors, Furniture and all – see our wood finishes and all their colours to beautify and protect all types of timber, bamboo, cork and more. We offer Customized Colours & Colour Matching for your successful DIY project.

Interior decorative Paints

Our water-based Wall, Ceiling and Enamel paints are eco-friendly, non-toxic, Lead, VOC-& Cobalt – free, sustainable and biodegradable – today’s demands are all met, you paint a greener future can breathe easy! Have a glance at our chart or contact us and we create your desired colour.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Non-toxic, natural but highly effective! We offer a great variety of cleaners for wood, stone & glass so you can protect your surfaces from wear & tear and your guests from grease, germs and bacteria. Browse the Essentials & Clean & Care sections in our online store.

ProNature Healthy Home Wall&Ceiling Paint natural non-toxic paint from plants
ProNature Healthy Home Kids room Natural Clear Indoor Wood Sealer

Our Products

About Pronature

Wood finishes

We manufacture and supply premium, single coat plant-based, VOC free wood oils and wood sealants for carpenters & shop-fitters.


Powerful Cleaning – naturally! Whether it's homes, workspaces, hotels, or lodges in the hospitality industry, our natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions will let you and your guests breathe easy.

Cleaning & Care

The real eco-friendly way to refresh your walls or paint your wood. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace natural paint.

Wood & Wall Paints

Everything what is needed for preparation, protection and maintenance for any wood project.


Chemical-free kids paint made from all-natural ingredients. It's safe for the little artists and the environment.

Let us assist you with your project!


Why ProNature Products

What Our Customer Says

Our Testimonials

Amazing Product

Amazing Product. Very friendly and helpful team working at ProNature. Easy to apply and even easier to maintain.
Carl Bauerrichter CB Manufacture

Easy To Use

Great products easy to use! The natural clear really makes for a fantastic finish.
Ebrahim Al-Alawi Houtmynou

Environment-friendly Paints & Coatings

ProNature has been making glorious environmentally-friendly paints and coatings for 25 years! Check out their webpage.
Connie Skelton

Excellent Product

Excellent product - covered worn wooden gate door once and it looks much better and is now protected against sun & rain
Callie Strydom

Super Service

Super service.. I ordered from the online store, the site worked great and delivery took place the following day. Thank you
Andrew L

PrnoNature All The Way

When it comes to paints for new homes and finishes for timber stone or otherwise. We never compromise. It's Pronature all the way! Many thanks from
Thijs van der Horst EcoDesignAchitects

High Grade Products

We love using ProNature because they produce higher grade products and they care about the planet as much as we do
Alistair Balio Manufacturer - Balio

Great Product

We have been using ProNature Outdoor from the beginning. Great product. Thank you
Marc Pincente Bungalo

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