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ProNature Wax Balm

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You got it waxed, naturally!

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ProNature Wax Balm is a great way to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your furniture, penetrating deeply and beautifying the grain of the wood. It creates a nourishing and protective layer on your surfaces. It can help to restore luster, fill in small scratches, and provide a protective barrier against moisture and wear. Prolong the life and appearance of your furniture while keeping it 100% chemical-free. ProNature Wax Balm is a pleasant smelling paste, comprising natural oils and waxes and may also be used for the periodic maintenance of wood floors & furniture treated with ProNature Indoor.

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Coverage & Application


  • Clear


  • Orange. The orange tint will disappear swiftly after application while the orange peel oil evaporates.

Surface Preparation:

  • Sand wood to a fine, smooth finish using grit i.e., 150-180, preferably finer.
  • Ensure surface is dry, clean and dust-free. Only use neutral soap solution, i.e., ProNature Wood Cleaner or ProNature Plant Soap Concentrate.


  • Product is ready to use.
  • Apply 1 – 2 coats (depending on the surface) using a soft, lint-free cloth, i.e., ProNature Mutton Cloth.
  • Can also be used with polishing pad or a floor polishing machine,
  • Use product sparingly. Really! “Less is More”.
  • Allow product to draw into wood for 2-3 minutes.
  • Remove surplus with a clean piece of soft cloth or clean polishing pad.
  • If a higher sheen finish is desired, apply an additional coat after drying.
  • Wait a minimum of 12 hours between coats.
  • Let the wax reach its final hardness (at least 24 hours) before polishing for a sheen finish.
  • Polish the surface thoroughly.


  • Approximately 0,020 l/m², depending on type of surface.
    0,020l = about 4 tea spoons “

Cleaning & Maintenance


  • Use a neutral soap solution, i.e., ProNature Wood Cleaner for cleaning of wax-treated surfaces.

Care & Repair:

  • Re-apply ProNature Wax Balm three times a year or when surface appears dry and lustreless.

Product Brochure

ProNature TDS – PN103 – ProNature Wax Balm

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