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We’ve Completed 25 years

It has been a challenging but wonderful and rewarding 25 years of painting a greener future. I am insanely proud of what we have achieved, initially in a market with very little interest in green products. I still remember clients saying to me: “Come on, Bernhard, you know how to make proper paints and now […]

Pronature Outreach in Khayelitsha

This past weekend, the ProNature team spent time with the children at Sisiphiwo Pre School, Makhaza, Khayelitsha ProNature in Sisiphiwo PreSchool It was an action packed two days with the children of Sisiphiwo Pre School in Khayelitsha. It was so much fun to be with the children, we painted Christmas decorations with the younger children […]

ProNature The Green Chemist Blog - From The Desk Of The Green Chemist Sep 1, 2019

From The Desk Of The Green Chemist

This is Bernhard Lembeck Bernhard is the creator of ProNature. He holds more than 40 years of paint chemistry experience. Born and raised in Wuppertal (Germany), his first professional positions were in the chemical paint industry. Once venturing to South Africa his dream was to introduce natural paints to the far South. His entrepreneurial spirit […]

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